"If you eat 'food' you need to watch this movie!"

"One of a kind documentary film. . . . If you have any interest in your health, the truth, or just seeing one more example of how money precedes the interests of the United States citizens, you can't afford to miss Chow Down."

"A fabulous documentary. . . . Kudos to everyone involved with the film for doing an excellent job of capturing a very important, serious message and portraying it in a very engaging, approachable and entertaining manner."

"If you really want to know what you should be eating, watch this documentary."

"What a blessing it is that a select group of filmmakers care enough about the plight of Americans to share this life-saving information!"

"Nothing dull or dry about this documentary. It's lighthearted, clever, controversial, with cool animation to help explain the technical stuff – and it tells the truth. So go out & find yourself a copy!"

"Take the time to watch this movie, and make changes to your diet and lifestyle now so that you can enjoy a healthy life without having to spend hour after hour in hospitals."

"Chow Down presents smart savvy preventions for today's most critical cases, in order to kick the disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle."

"Heartwarming and inspiring!"

"The film seems truly needed and eye opening, and may serve as a wake up call to those behind the medical industry."

"Chow Down is a kind of Supersize Me in reverse. The three heroes – Garnet, John, and Charles – attempt to shift from a mainstream American diet (lots of red meat and processed foods) to a vegan diet. The results are nothing short of remarkable."

"Recommended as inspiration to anyone who wants to take control of their own health, free from the influence of big pharma, big food and big government."

"Emotionally and intellectually convincing. . . . Everyone needs to be aware of the truth, not only why we are dying in epidemic numbers by various degenerative diseases, but how we can prevent, stop, and reverse that process. This fine DVD is a very big step forward in getting the word out."

"Chow Down is exactly the kind of thing that has mainstream appeal. Since heart disease is so prevalent right now, it's pretty easy to picture film screenings in Anywhere, U.S.A. being sold out."

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